Negan – Mike Davis PARS486

Mike Davis from Negan joins Bill on episode 486 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Negan hails from just outside Altoona, PA or Parts Unknown! They are a 90s/Modern rock act.

Segment 1

  • Where did the name, Negan, come from?
  • If you had to pick someone to play you in a TV series about Negan, who would play you?
  • If there was an apocalyptic event, and almost all the humans were wiped off of the Earth… and only one Negan song survives and plays a part in the repopulation of Earth, which one of your songs should survive?
  • Why did you come to PA from Texas?
  • We talk a bit about the Professor, Jim Price. Has Jim Price sketched you?
  • We discuss First Angel Media and their Templars venue; including the 9 Stitch Method album release held there, as well as, the Crucible Project.
  • If you could go back in time and follow one band to learn from, which year would you go to and who would you follow around?
  • Mike tells us about their song, Obsolete.

Segment 2 with Negan

  • If you were going to manage a band for the local scene, who would you put in the band? What band are they currently in, and why would you choose them?
  • If you could pick one thing about the music scene that you absolutely hate and change it, what would it be? Something you love?
  • What’s coming up for Negan? What shows are scheduled?
  • Where can my listeners find your band online?


Three questions for SKÄR – Episode 019

  • If you could design the perfect venue for SKAR to play in, what would it consist of?
  • Can you tell me about the moment that SKÄR came together?
  • What is the hardest piece of music that you’ve ever written? It can be hard because it was tough emotionally, cathartic, or even from a technical standpoint. Also, why was it hard. Asked by Patrick McElravy from 9 Stitch Method on Episode 18.

The Song: Build on Love

B.O.L. (Build On Love) It is in the classic hard rock power ballad style, a song about how no matter where you are in life, love seems to find you. It can break your heart but that helps you grow. So “Build On Love don’t you tear it down, Build On Love when it comes around”

About SKAR

Band Location: Sioux Falls, SD USA
Band Genre: Classic Hard Rock

SKÄR is a powerful 5pc classic hard rock band with strong lead vocals shared by our female lead vocalist and our drummer. We do play covers in our own style and we “SKARIFY” songs which means we take classic out of the box songs and update then with a new energy, we add a heavier crunch yet stay true to the original. released our first album “SKARIFIED” (Volume 1) in Sept. 2018 and are finishing up our second album tentatively called “Butterfly That Stings” with a late Sept./early Oct. release date.

Find SKAR Online

Lily V. Sixx

Lily V. SixxLily V. Sixx, of Hot Lixx with Lily Sixx & The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus of Rock Rage Radio, goes from scheduled co-host to guest in Episode 479 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.
In segment #1… We learn that neither Bill or Lily can play an instrument, why Lily had an aversion to Led Zepplin and why she doesn’t like Rush at all. Lily talks about the shows that she has seen lately & her show on Rock Rage Radio. Bill talks about possibly going out to see Corbriwoodstock and A Concert for Anna over Labor Day weekend. We talk about concert photography… skip a few in editing.. then we learn about her history in podcasting/radio shows.

Segment 2 – Questions for Lily V. Sixx

  • If I found a picture of Lily V. Sixx in my social studies book, what would that page be about?
  • If an apocalyptic event happens and only 1 song from every band survives. Which one local band’s song would you like to survive?
  • If you could go back in time and follow any band for a year, who would you follow and why?
  • What do you think about the rumor that Paul McCartney isn’t the original Paul McCartney?
  • What is the oddest thing you saw happen on stage at a local show?
  • If you were going to create a supergroup from local bands in the scene, who would you put in the band?
  • Can you name 5 bands from the scene that you absolutely love?

Lou Lombardi – Where Have All The Acid Queens Gone 3QS014

Three questions for Lou Lombardi – Episode 014

  • Some of my listeners may know you as the host of The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast, can you tell us about how the show came about and how it affects you personally as a musician? (Joann Quinn Smith’s Positively Pittsburgh Live!)
  • If you could go back in time and spend 1 year following any band around without changing history, which band would you follow and why?
  • I really like it when people talk about their live show memories because I feel like the craziest stuff happens. So I wanted to know, what’s a really great live show memory that you have? – asked by Marina of Echoheart in Episode 013

The Song: Where Have All The Acid Queens Gone?

Where Have All The Acid Queens Gone is a song about the days of psychedelic exploration. I wrote it to commemorate that era and also to say that we have lost something. There are some fun Easter Eggs in the song with references like “our merry prankster friends” and “electric cherry Koolaid”. The protagonist is singing to a girl, presumably one of the acid queens. While Tina Turner played the Acid Queen in the film version of Tommy, it’s also a reference to some of the other ladies who rocked that late sixties/ early seventies era; like Grace Slick, Mama Cass, and of course the great Janice Joplin.

Musically, the song is straight up hard rock with a singable catchy chorus. The guitar solo has this slightly out of time feel which we intentionally did as a way of showing how out of touch the world is today with that era of mental exploration.

About Lou Lombardi

Band Location: Pittsburgh, PA USA
Band Genre: Hard Rock

When a teenage Trekker from a devout Christian upbringing realized that he couldn’t join the crew of the Enterprise, he did the next best thing; he picked up a guitar, traded his Larry Norman praise music for ‘real’ rock n’ roll and never looked back.

Lou ‘Loudini’ Lombardi has been rocking the Pittsburgh PA area and beyond for over 20 years with his high octane brand of classic hard rock, as a solo artist, with his band Strangelove and as a freelance songwriter and session player for acts including Carly Simon and Billy Joel collaborator Pete Hewlett.

He is the host of the Loudini Rock And Roll Circus podcast, broadcasting weekly to a global audience and has conducted extended interviews with a wide roster of musicians, including recent chats with Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss and Nancy Wilson of Heart. And even if he never did fly to the stars, he came close when he opened for KISS’s space-ace Ace Frehley.

Find Lou Lombardi Online

Ale Gibson, Radioactive Events Center

Ale Gibson from the Radioactive Event Center, Inc. in Kittanning joined Bill for her debut on episode #439 to discuss her venue and quite a few other things. Ale is a promoter, event photographer, DJ, graphic designer, and venue owner:
Topics discussed include:

  • All of her talents that she lends to the local music scene
  • Ale gives us some insight into the history of the Radio Active Event’s Center.
  • The artists that have played at the venue.
  • Mark Gibson’s role at the venue (former member of the band Pearl) and the artist that created the song, Nothin, But the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Ale’s prior job at the Pittsburgh Zoo.
  • How Ale became a DJ.
  • The craziest thing that she has dealt with while working in the music scene.
  • Has there ever been a show that she stopped.
  • She talked about Pay to Play vs. ticket sells.

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The Art of Being a Front Man PYS003

Doug Carnahan of After the Fall comes on episode #3 of Podcast your Scene: Throwdown to join Bill, Brian, and John and discuss what it is like to be a front man. Bill asked the boys the following questions:

  • Are the monitors really always as bad as you guys think they are on stage?
  • How would you have handled the situation that Mariah Carey was in on New Year’s Eve?
  • When did you know you wanted to sing in a rock band, and why?
  • In each of your eyes, what do you believe it takes to be the front man of a rock band?
  • Have you ever made a decision to do a stunt on stage that you realize that maybe you shouldn’t have done that and lost your place in the song?
  • Do you have any embarrassing stories from you time in bands?
  • What is your favorite part about being in the spotlight and being the front man of your band?
  • If there was one thing that you wanted your fans to know, what would it be?

The guys told some very interesting road stories, as well as, information from each of their respective backgrounds. At one point, they talk about finding the correct woman that understands what you have to be as a front man to be able to keep your personal and band relationships in check.

The guys also talked little bit about their respective scenes.

We also did a little bit of a biography of Tony Marinacci which will lead us into next month’s episode of Podcast Your Scene: Throwdown, where we will be talking about the state of local entertainment. This was an annual thing that Tony wrote for his website.

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Hustle, Grifters, Pickers, and Bluegrass

Patrick Varine of Charlie Hustle and the Grifters, Charlie Hustle and the Pickers, and Covered in Grass joined Bill for episode 363 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Pat gave us an explanation of the bands’ names and how the band was formed. He gave us some insight into how the writing process works for the band. Patrick, explains the background of the band and what each member brings to the melting pot that is the band. One of the songs that they play is Riders on the Storm, which immediately brings to Bill’s mind The Blues Brothers 2000. He points out that he felt that Charlie Hustle and the Grifters could have starred in that movie. It was at this point that the band Covered in Grass comes into the conversation. Pat seems to be a student of both music and the internet, you’ll have to listen to understand why we believe this.

He talks about how a lot of Pat’s original songs have New Orleans references in them, he also mentions that they usually have something to do with relationships. Sometimes the songs come from a lyric book that he keeps. Pat mentions that the Calliope Songwriters Circle was very helpful in his progression as a song writer. They meet at the Bloomfield Tavern in Bloomfield.

Songs in this Episode:

Mentioned in this episode:

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Dave Waugaman Tribute

I found out that Dave Waugaman passed away yesterday. Many of you probably either haven’t heard of Dave or haven’t heard of him recently. Dave was a founding member and guitarist of the band Doppler Affect. Dave and his band Doppler Affect were there for my wife and I during a very trying time in our lives. I can’t express into words what he and the boys mean to us, so I’m doing what I do best and podcasting about it.

We’d like to send our condolences to his wife Cindy and the rest of their family. Please join those of us at the Pennsylvania Rock Show and AK Music Scene in remembering a great man.

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Rock for Life Concert Series

Rock for Life: RecipientsIn this episode, Bill sits down with Matt Ferrante, co-founding member of the Rock for life Concert Series, to discuss the history of the show and how it has evolved over the years into a concert series. They discuss topics such as: how a recipient is picked, what people can do to help out, how bands can play the shows, & upcoming shows. Matt also let’s everyone know the costs of both the indoor and outdoor shows, as well as, what a qualified guest means. All in all, this is a very informative discussion about the Rock for life organization and concert series.
rock for lifeIt is the mission of Rock for Life to provide financial support to needy individuals residing in Western PA who are suffering from life threatening diseases. Rock for Life sponsors music festivals and other music-related and general fundraising events to raise the monies necessary to support its purpose.

Rock for Life’s Past Recipients

2016 – 17 – TBD
2015 – 16 – Sydney Brison & Leeland Wensel
2014 – 15 – Abby Bowser
2013 – 14 – Alicia Hruby
2012 – 13 – Brittani Kemerer
2011 – 12 – Wesley Zablocki
2010 – 11 – Aaron Jones
2009 – X – Savanah Robledo
2008 – 9 – Mikey McCulley
2007 – 8 – David Heidel
2006 – 7 – Owen Hunter
2005 – 6 – Alexander Hooks
2004 – 5 – Jasmine Henry
2003 – 4 – The Helping Hands Society
2002 – 3 – Jonathan Beck
2001 – 2 – Christina Calendrella
2000 – 1 – Mark Gregory

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Kill the Drama of the Basement Recordings


Bill joins Kill the Drama in their practice studio for some chat and live music.

kill the dramaSegment 1: Bill talks to them about their current recording process, which they mention is very different than how they used to do it. During segment one, they play their song The Frail and the Fray (Live) for us! They are planning on recording in volume first, and then cut a few songs, b side a few songs, and go from there. That transitioned into a discussion about digital vs cd vs vinyl, and we even talk about 8 tracks. Bill then asked the band to discuss the state of the local scene and how it has morphed over the years. The first segment ended with them playing The Burning Streets (live) in their studio.
Segment 2: Opens with with a live, brand new track from Kill the Drama entitled Insurresurrection. They then discussed the logistics of the Stone Temple Pilots’ holding “open” auditions on the internet to replace their lead singer. Which changed the focus of the conversation to how Brian joined Kill the Drama and a bit of the history of the band and bands from the AK Valley. I also gave the band a chance to talk about the support that our local radio stations provide for the local scene. This segment ends with Kill the Drama playing another brand new song live for us, Caught in the Shadows.
Segment 3: The band talks about when Brian tried out for the band and how they got the name Kill the Drama. They also talk about being the judges favorite band in the Graffiti Rock Challenge, but not actually winning the competition. They also explain why KTD decided to return to the stage. And since the conversation had wavered into the world of the major rock scene, we discussed Motley Crue calling it quits and Steven Tyler’s crossover to country music. We end the segment with one more brand new track played live by KTD, Ophelia Mary Grace.
Find them:
Things mentioned:
Total Music & Entertainment
Iron City Rocks: Pittsburgh Music Awards

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