3 Questions and a Song

Hosted ByBill Domiano

Learn about unsigned bands, of any genre, throughout the world through a very simple method, 3 questions and a song. Tune in as Bill Domiano of the Pennsylvania Rock Show introduces you to unsigned bands from anywhere on the 3rd rock from the sun! Bill will ask 2 questions, and the third question will be provided by the previous episode’s featured artist. Submit your band to be a guest on the show.


    Radio Schedule:

    Every Other Saturday 3:00pm Rudaroo Radio (began 7/11/20)
    Sunday 2:00pm Build the Scene Radio

    Upcoming Episodes

  • Sharone 3QS042 (10-01-20)
  • Shatterglass 3QS043 (10-15-20)
  • Lords of the Trident 3QS044 (11-01-20)
  • Scarlett 3QS045 (11-15-20)
  • Chrystyna Marie 3QS046 (12-01-20)
  • Perceived 3QS047 (12-15-20)
  • Days to Come 3QS048 (01-01-21)
  • Kamyee B 3QS049 (01-15-21)
  • Good Grief (02-01-21)
  • Second Cities (03-01-21)

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