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Kip & Co Entertainment Talk Show focuses on supporting local music from around the country. Join Kip Eavenson as he plays songs and talks to local bands, including live performances on the show.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen: AFTERHAND

    An awesome visit with 3/4 of the band Afterhand. Just some chill conversation about their upcomoing album, as well as their history as a band. I also play some recorded music. Awesome show with an amzing band. &nbs […]

  • Great music from great places

    Me talking a bunch and playing rad tunes.Featuring:Dead/AwakeElijah AyersLet's Get FamousMidnight Babies […]

  • Memoryfield

    In another amazing episode, Juliet & Billy of Memoryfield join me to share some stories and we get to hear 4 excellent songs. This is great, do not miss! […]

  • My first single release

    A quick debut of my own song, "Nah"I hope you enjoy. […]

  • Alicia Stockman Live!

    We were honored to have the wonderful Alicia Stockman on the show today, and even luckier to get a set of 3 songs live in the studio! Don't miss this awesome episode with a beautiful performance from a talented artist.&nbs […]

  • Episode 8 is full of music

    This episode I play tunes from JagertownGentry FoxUntamed Engin […]

  • Joe Harwood of Joe Rock Show

    On this one I talk with the creator of one of the funnest rock bands out there, in my opinion, Joe Harwood of "Joe Rock Show." He tells us a little about himself, the band and his latest releases. As well as info on an important show! Tune in and enjoy!!&nbs […]

  • Some more great local tunes!

    Today, I share an embarrasing story in the name of the legalization of alternitave medicine. After that we enjoy the amazing talent of:WiltaviousJaw BoneMel Soul and the MessengerGODSPEEDBALLA little something for everyone on this episode.&nbs […]

  • Let's Get Famous joins me to create the best episode yet.

    Seth, Jake, Sarath and Graham (in no particular order) from the stellar local band Let's Get Famous sits and talks about life in the band, long lasting relationships through the band members, and finish off by nailing the show to the wall with 2 in studio live perfomences that will have you searching for their music as soon as you hear it. Amazing episode. Do yourself a favor and hear this.&nbs […]

  • An evening with Jody Whitesides

    On this episode, I sit with talented Utah musician/producer Jody Whitesides. He talks about everything from him and his music to his veiws on proper production and the difference between Utah and other places when it comes to being a musician. And we top it all off with a live studio performance that will leave you wanting more. &nbs […]